Nayana Spa - #1 Massage Spa in Ajman

Nayana Spa - #1 Massage Spa in Ajman

Serving Ajman since 2012, Nayana Spa has won numerous “Best Spa in Ajman” awards. Nayana Spa offers Thai Massage, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Aroma Massage, Balinese Massage, Relaxing Head, Neck, Foot & Back Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Moroccan Bath by experts, with a serene and beautiful environment. Our experts combine traditional holistic therapies with modern day techniques and the purest natural ingredients to create truly unique treatments that deliver a renewed sense of inner calm.

Our History

Nayana Spa by Al Shifa Spa International began the journey in 2016. We’ve always considered our clients thoughts and created a brand delivering the optimum range of spa services and treatments from around the world in the best locations. 

 Nayana Spa is a part of the Al Shifa Spa International a Spa Management Company, a holding company for The Experience Spa, and The Eminent Spa, and Nayana Spa - premium chains of spas and treatment centers and a dedicated management, training and franchising division. We operate 5 spas and employ more than 45 members of staff and more to come– each dedicated to offering a flawless, consistent and holistic customer experience.

 We decided it was time to refresh and reinvigorate our home grown spa brand to reflect on the outside how we are on the inside. The modernize look and feel was applied to each of our spas and then new brands were born and today our clients continue to enjoy the relaxing and trendy environment for which we’re prominent. As part of our rebranding we expanded our menu and service offerings to include a wide variety of new and enhanced treatments.

Expansion plans are essential for our company to make Nayana Spa ever more accessible to guests across the UAE. We are also actively investigating bringing our brand to cosmopolitan cities within the Middle East and GCC and are in the formation of developing a franchise chain.


Chairman: Dr. Suneer K.P.

Dr. Suneer is an owner of Nayana Spa brand and also he serves as Managing Director since the brand was created in 2016, under the main Group Al Shifa Spa Management Company since 2009.

Brand Specification Nayana Spa - Operating Criteria & Method  

To deliver the Spa Wellness solutions to the Investors at each and every levels of the Spa Operations including feasibility studies, conceptualization, design, procurement, operation manuals, marketing support, personnel training and recruitment to ensure that the Spa business looks great and functioning profitably with promise to the deliver exceptional innovative experience to our guest by the well managed and well cared Spa team.